Thursday, September 15, 2011

San Diego and Nash Withdrawal

So I went to San Diego Comic Con like, two months ago. It was a real blast, lots of really cool people. I tried to squeeze every last drop of super-productive mega-con Action-Jackson juice out of every single minute I could until the last shuttle back to the hotel on Sunday, and it totally wore me out. I was like, sick for a week and a half after that, the con flu rendered my healthy blood cells useless with comic nerd hugs and howdees and germs. I’ll have to remember to fight those off with preemptive karate the next time I go.

I spent most of my time running around, handing out 8-page Nash previews to folks. Too much else went on there to talk about, really, but I can make a list! It’ll keep me from using the same descriptive adjectives over and over again, like fun, really cool, awesome, sweet, super and all that, anyway. Also, neat, nifty, and spiff qualify for most of these as well. Rad.

Things I liked about SDCC:
-The weather. GORGEOUS. (We flew in a day early so we’d be able to appreciate it.) It made hanging out by the pool seem a little like heaven.
-Meeting up/catching up with talented folks like Sanford Greene, Chris Moreno, Stuart Sayger, Mike Mignola, Ethan Nicolle, Dave Crosland, John Soares and Justin Spurlock of Westhavenbrook Productions, Rafael Navarro, Robbie Rodriguez, and Shaun Finney of Telltale Games.
-Life-size transformers. And by life-size I mean bigger than a house. Whoaaa.
-Doug TenNapel’s Manga Studio demo. He wrote, sketched, and inked a whole page in an hour while showing us how to use the program. How sweet is that?
-Getting to eat burritos and then sitting out by the Seaport and watch fireworks on Saturday night with some awesome folks who I had been waiting to meet.
-Hanging out with Westhavenbrook Productions periodically throughout the con. A bunch of really swell people who know how to have a good laugh. Also meeting the sweet-hearted and goofy actor Doug Jones.
-Darth Maul.
-Tr!ckster! What a great concept. It’s a side project that focuses on creator-owned comics, located at the little wine bar across the street. While the gift shop and panels are totally worth going to, the after-parties are totally worth sticking around for. I heard there were figure drawing nights, but I only went to the Kurosawa night, which included a live dj and a film tribute art gallery.
-Newly discovering talents like Jose Cabrero, Jim Lujan, David Colman, John Van Fleet, Brett Bean, Eric Canete, gosh and so much more... I can’t even remember who else.
-The guys at Red 5 Comics and Avatar Press were really cool. I got a portfolio look-over by Charlie Chu at Oni, which he didn’t have to do but took the time to do anyway – totally cool of him and cool hearing what he had to say.
-This moment – grabbing a Starbucks latte and donut, sitting against the convention wall in the smoking section, breathing it in secondhand, while drinking my coffee. I was sitting in the warm sunlight before heading to a panel over at Trickster, while texting people back home. It was a great moment when the realization of making it out to where I was washed over me in a huge wave of appreciation.

Things I could punch at SDCC:
-One hundred million Harley Quinns. Or at least let me impound their dangerously gigantic mallets.
-My ADD. (Though once in a while you’ve gotta let it have a good run around, huh? Guess there’s no better place!)
-That one girl who wasn’t wearing any pants.
-Battle Bears. I really wanted to tackle one. Since they have battle in their name it’s allowed, right? It should be… they’re asking for it.

Alright so that’s enough about SDCC. What I really wanted to get to was let y’all know what I was up to with what I’ve been up to. Knaw’mean?

Been taking Brother Nash slow recently, because I've been helping some friends out with in-betweener bits of their projects. Oh! And I just recently did a pin-up of BatWarthog for Ethan Nicolle for one of his Axe Cop trades. I’m doing some character concept art for Atomic Robo and the Flying She-Devils, which will be out after Atomic Robo and the Ghost of Station X. (The first issue of Atomic Robo and the GOSX is out now and it’s as good as ever. You will love it. You should buy it.) I’ll be doing a pinup soon for Jason Horn’s Ninjasaur trade, as well.

So Nash has been slowing a bit, especially around SDCC and all that. There was a lot of prepping to do. But my love for little Brudder is NOT fading!! I promise! I am sooo excited for these next pages coming out you have no idea. But for right now, my friends Brockton McKinney and Bo Fader of Super Tough Films and Lost Story Studios handed me, as well as several other artists including Larkin Ford and Chris Moreno, scripts for horror stories to be collected in a single issue compilation called Death Curse. Mine is about 8 pages long and includes a short story about a group of boy scouts. It’s going to be a lot of fun, but will take up the rest of September and just a little bit of October.

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