Friday, February 10, 2012

Brother Nash #1 is finished.

It’s true, issue one is all done! Read the whole comic HERE, if you’d like.

Yesterday I finished formatting all the pages for print. All that’s left for me to do is slap a different cover on and send it off! In addition to the webcomic, this issue is going to include some really sweet guest art by good friends and talented artists Brian Barker, Eraklis Petmezas, Ethan Nicolle, Henry Eudy, and Jeremy Brooks! I’m pretty stoked.

The whole series is plotted out, and I’ve already started writing the script for the next issue. After I send the first issue to printers, I can start the concept art for issue two.

Speaking of concept art, I’ve been following Scott Wegener on Tumblr and he’s been cranking out studies for the next Atomic Robo comic, Atomic Robo & the Flying She-Devils. The She-Devils are a rag-tag group of airship pirates with jet-packs and WWII military gear, and the characters are based off of a few of us comic chicks. We’ve drawn ourselves as characters and now Scott’s adapting them all, Robo-style! Click on the pics above and they’ll take you to his Tumblr so you can follow, too!

Coming up on SATURDAY, February 25th, Lost Story Studios is going to do a signing at Ultimate Comics in Chapel Hill for DeathCurse. They’re the ones who helped Lost Story Studios get our first issue printed for their show NC Comicon, and now they want us inside their own store messing stuff up! We’re always happy to oblige!

And this is on the hush, but Brockton McKinney of Lost Story Studios and myself have recently started a six-issue all-ages project. Can’t really say much about it now but it’s going to be a lot of fun.

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